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Welcome to RHPSfans.com!

My name is Jannie and I've been on a shadow cast of "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" (1975) since 1996. I created this site to honor those who love Rocky Horror (RHPS) like I do. So many people put their time, money, heart and soul into performing in Rocky week after week, so I felt that there should be one place where those people from all over the world could come together!

This site is open to anyone who performs in RHPS or Rocky Horror Show, the stage play. You just email pictures of yourself in your Rocky costume and answer some questions. Click submit for more info. I'm on several pages of this site, too!

(PS - If you ever saw tribute sites like these on Tripod (franknfurters.tripod.com, columbias.tripod.com, etc), those were my sites, too. I combined them into this one.)

New Additions!

Frank: Alfredo
Frank: Sasha
Eddie: TJ
Riff Raff: Katie
Janet: Katie
Magenta: Katie

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